Real Life Flip this House and financing

Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Projects in Dallas,Texas

2 new projects. Example of being at right place at right time. Being in the lending business (, we had worked with the owner on the loan. So we already liked the house. The owner had to sell the project, so naturally who do they call first-done deal.

Always get inspection or carefully review work that has been done. We had discovered some shortcomings in already completed work, so that did factor in our agreed upon price.

Another project, buyer had come to us for loan, it just made more sense for them to sell us the contract due to time constraints.

THese are faily easy rehabs, lots of upgrades and cosmetics, no real floorplan changes or structural.

The key point is that niether was listed anywhere near our contract price.
example of networking and being able to move quickly.